About Us

Wedding Pods are a business that challenges the traditional Photo Booth.  Technology keeps evolving, yet when you look at photo booths, they all look the same! We don’t like normal, so we politely asked it to leave.  We invited change to a party and after some dancing and drinks we knocked down some walls and threw off the ceiling and there you have it, the Wedding Pod was born.  This is an open-air photo booth offering a fantastic experience for you and your guests, whether you want a photo for 2 or 20, we can fit you all in without having to breathe in. 

Once you have taken some fun photos you can upload it instantly to Facebook to show your friends how much fun you are having, Tweet it to a celeb or email your Gran. Oh we almost forgot, you can also have unlimited pictures printed there and then.  Invite your family and friends to join us on a fantastic journey.


We are based in Chellaston, South Derbyshire.  Some of our staff include a Border Collie called Skye, she keeps us entertained.  Misty the Persian who makes sure we spread the love and our Chickens, Red, Bernie and the late Xena Warrior Chicken.  They provide us with lovely fresh eggs every day to keep us fed.

They like to have their pictures taken too and will make the occasional appearance on our website.

For more information on the services we offer email mish@weddingpods.com.  Call 01332 653652 or Text 07947 919064.