The morning after the night before

Well, it's actually two mornings after the night before!

Congratulations Anna & Andy on an amazing day to celebrate your wedding.

We had an absolutely amazing time and our bodies were aching all over as if we had a heavy drinking and dancing session but all we had was lemonade (honestly!) and some wonderful food.

Everyone was commenting on the Wedding Pod on how amazing it is. We even had a celebrity have some photo's in the Pod.  Some people will know her as Twinkle from BBC's Dinnerladies, others may know her as Veronica in Shameless amongst many other roles on TV.

We are at the same venue this Saturday for Myroslava and Callum doing it all over again. Some of the same guests will be making an appearance in the Pod, let's see if we can get some really creatives snaps taken!

All of the images have been uploaded and those with unique codes can enter them now on the 'View your Event' Page.

Below are a couple of photos of the set-up and Anna & Andy.  Tonight I will upload a few of my favoutite photos from the night.